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Put simply, Apprenticeships are jobs with training. Employers commit to paying Apprentice wages and TDR take care of everything else. Our dedicated co-ordinators ensure that progress reviews, with input and feedback from employers, are carried out regularly for each Apprentice. Engineering Apprenticeships are available across a wide range of disciplines, most commonly; Mechanical Maintenance, Electrical Maintenance, Fabrication, Welding, Sheet Metal Work, CNC Programming and Operating, and Manufacturing. Science Apprenticeships include a range of learning opportunities that are tailored to suit both the Apprentice and the employer. We work with national employers including RSK Environmental Consultants, University of Sheffield and Intertek (testing, inspecting and certifying products).

Business Apprenticeships include a range of learning opportunities that are tailored to suit both the Apprentice and the employer. Work related tasks include but not limited to Receptionist, General Administration, Customer Service, Office Junior, Marketing, Basic Accounts & HR

Any questions from prospective learners or employers wishing to know more about our innovative, engaging and inspirational programmes

Please send your enquiry to:

Due to an unprecedented demand from North East Engineering and Manufacturing Businesses, TDR Training Ltd have re-opened the application process for Engineering Apprenticeships.

To apply for Apprenticeship Opportunities in any of our disciplines -   Please complete & submit the following FORMS online.

Both forms are required to be completed and submitted, without both, your application will be VOID.

1. Apprenticeship Application Form 2017

2. TDR Ltd Individual Declaration Form

If you do not quite make the grade for the Engineering Apprenticeship but still want to pursue a career in the industry.

Do you want to do an Engineering Course but not in a College environment

Opportunities are still available to join the Engineering Access programme – starts are available beginning 2nd October 2017.

Get the “Hands On Experience” you need via TDR Engineering Apprenticeship Access Programme to prepare you for a 2018

Advanced Apprenticeship, with job interviews available.

Just click on the link to learn more

TDR Engineering Access Programme

To Apply Please complete the on Line Registration form

Engineering Apprenticeship Access Programme Application Form