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Engineering is defined as ‘the branch of science and technology concerned with the design, building and use of engines, machines, and structures’ ‘Engineering is all around us’*. 

Within the UK there are 5.7 million employees working in engineering, representing just over 19% of the total UK employment. This further emphasises its importance to the contribution it makes in terms of economic activity and exports, as well as impacting positively on society in general.

Roles within this sector are extremely varied and utilise a range of skills that would be too exhaustive to list, however, some examples are design engineer, maintenance technician, electrical engineer, fabricator/welder, instrumentation technician and mechanical engineer.

TDR Training Ltd delivers engineering apprenticeship frameworks and standards at level two, three and four.

Engineering Manufacturing Technician

Engineering Manufacturing Technician operates equipment and systems within the process industry. Engineering Manufacturing Technician is responsible for maintaining safe operations and achieving production targets. This role is vital to the safe and effective delivery of products in the process industry.

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Machinist manufacture precision components on a lathe or milling machine. A skilled Machinist has the ability to follow drawings and accurately replicate component parts that will keep a production plant running or which are sold to customers. Traditional machining utilises a manual lathe or milling machine, which usually requires continuous operator attention.

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Welders cut, shape and join sections of metal, alloys or other materials using specialist-welding methods. Common types of welding including oxy-acetylene, metal inert gas (MIG), manual metal arc (MMA), tungsten inert gas (TIG), laser and ultrasonic.

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Engineering Fitter

The Engineering Fitter forms an important part of the fabrication team to ensure that structures, pipework and other items are fabricated in line with the specification and in a safe manner. This role may be based in a workshop or on a process plant. Shift-work may be necessary.

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Engineering Design and Draughtsperson

A Draughtsperson tends to be found in engineering design offices in both large and small companies. They produce technical drawings and designs using traditional draughting techniques or by using computer-aided design (CAD) software.

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Instrument & Control Technician

Instrument and Control Technicians regulate and maintain measurement systems for chemical and pharmaceutical process flow, level, pressure and temperature. They are also responsible for electronic and pneumatic process control systems and safety systems.

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Mechanical Technician

Mechanical Technicians carry out installation, commissioning, inspection, maintenance and repair activities on a wide range of mechanical equipment.

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Electrical Technician

Electrical Technicians carry out installation, commissioning, inspection, maintenance and repair activities on a wide range of electrical and electronic equipment.

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