We have apprenticeship vacancies across the North East in science

The science sector is all about making discoveries, pushing boundaries and promoting innovation. Work takes place in demanding and fast-paced environments such as pharmaceutical, education, manufacturing and substance testing; working in laboratories, offices, workshops and clinics. In these environments, working safely and ethically is extremely important and companies will operate under highly regulated conditions so that they are providing quality products and services, safely.

The science sector continues to develop and innovate, from routine day-to-day testing to creating new intelligence platforms. Roles within this sector are extremely varied and utilise a range of skills that would be too exhaustive to list, however, some examples are process operator, laboratory technician, an analytical chemist and biomedical scientist.


Apprenticeship programmes

TDR can deliver science apprenticeship standards at an intermediate level (level 2), advanced level (level 3), foundation level (level 5) and degree level (level 6).

Laboratory Scientist

Laboratory scientists will have a comprehensive scientific understanding and apply specialist knowledge to carry out a wide range of technical and scientific laboratory activities, within a specialist field, such as Life Sciences, Chemical Science, Analytical and Research and Development.

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Laboratory Technician

Laboratory Technicians’ carry out routine and one-off testing of, or a combination of, solids, liquids and/or gases and provide technical support in laboratory environments. They work in a wide range of organisations, including but not exclusively, chemical, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, formulated products, nuclear companies; and analytical science services.

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